Jeopardy Game – Diagnostic Test

In this lesson, I prepared a Diagnostic test (jeopardy game) to test my students' needs in a more fun way. Mainly, it involves testing collocation and vocabulary (word formation) knowledge.  I'm using a game layout created by my dear friend, Ricardo Barros. Some of the activities were taken from: . Background reading: Infenthaler, D. Eseryel, … Continue reading Jeopardy Game – Diagnostic Test


Exploring the Oceans (CPE lesson/QR code) 60′

This lesson was planned for my CPE group of teachers. It will use Part 3 (Word formation task - Exploring the Oceans) and for that, I use Nat Geo "Sunken Slave Ship" article (QR code) to activate their schemata and set the scene. The materials used: Nat Geo "Sunken Slave Ship": QR Code (also in … Continue reading Exploring the Oceans (CPE lesson/QR code) 60′

BEC HIGHER The use of IT in the workplace (60′)

This is a 60' Listening lesson, based on the BEC higher Exam (Part 01). The topic is "You'll hear an introduction to a seminar called, the Business Master Class, about the use of Information Technology in the workplace". This is Level C1 CEFR. Actually, this lesson was planned to show my dear students that it is not … Continue reading BEC HIGHER The use of IT in the workplace (60′)

(CPE) Mobile Communication [RUoE – Part 02] 60′

This lesson was whole-heartedly planned for my CPE groups of teachers, who have been participating and developing at an alarming rate. In this lesson, I cover the use of "empty words" (in paper 01 / part 02 FCE/CAE/CPE); vocabulary (words, phrases, idioms) such as whet appetite, downing a cup of coffee, augment virtual reality and … Continue reading (CPE) Mobile Communication [RUoE – Part 02] 60′

Inside TV Series – A Vocabulary Lesson (90′)

First and foremost, I have created a channel on youtube, where I'll be weekly posting some tips. You can subscribe here ->  Secondly, this lesson has been planned for Upper Intermediate students from the age of 13 on. Material used: PPT File:Inside TV series – A Vocabulary Lesson LINKS:   [Slide 1] 1. … Continue reading Inside TV Series – A Vocabulary Lesson (90′)

The use of the Passive Structures in the News – A grammar lesson (90′)

To break the past lessons' standard, I have decided to post a grammar lesson on the use of the Passive Structures. I do not know exactly why, but the Passive Structures are near and dear to my heart.  Materials used: PPT File: The use of the Passive Voice in the News [Slide 1] 1. Introducing the … Continue reading The use of the Passive Structures in the News – A grammar lesson (90′)

BEC – Business Speaking Lesson (60′)

This lesson was planned to meet my dear BEC candidates' needs. Since it takes 60', it is a very objective and 'straight to the point' lesson. This lesson was based on the Speaking BEC Higher paper. Material used:  PPT File: BEC HIGHER Speaking Test Videos & Links:  1) Understanding Brazil's Import-Export Market  2) How advertising in … Continue reading BEC – Business Speaking Lesson (60′)

CPE – England’s Breakfast Revolution (60′)

This lesson was kindly planned for my dear CPE candidates. It is very objective and it takes 60 minutes to be completed. Richmond articles with Tips to study for Cambridge:  Part 1:  Part 2:  Materials used:  PPT file: CPE England Breakfast_s Revolution CPE PAPER 1 PART 1: CPE RUoE part 1 [Slide 1] 1. Introducing the topic - … Continue reading CPE – England’s Breakfast Revolution (60′)

BEC (C1) – Introducing new practices into your company – 60′ Writing Lesson

RichmondShare blog post about motivation: Group Profile: Advanced Level C1 - Teacher Coaching (this lesson can be adapted to be used with students as well) Materials used: BEC (C1) – New Practices PPT file: BEC HIGHER - Writing part 2: cambridge-english-business-higher-sample-paper-1-writing v2 Exam format: Writing a report:    [SLIDE 1] 1.Presenting the topic of the lesson Interaction: T-SS Timing: 2' Monitoring: … Continue reading BEC (C1) – Introducing new practices into your company – 60′ Writing Lesson

Traveling – Go where locals go (60′ lesson)

Since we are on Holidays, this lesson is to attend teachers' and students' needs as to having "traveling" vocabulary. This lesson can be used by private teachers or as a first lesson - back to school.

A wedding, A dichotomy, A life – Meghan Markle – A Reading Lesson (90′)

Well, she is lovely and empowered and as she wrote on ELLE Magazine "I'm an actress, a writer, the Editor-in-Chief of my lifestyle brand The Tig, a pretty good cook and a firm believer in handwritten notes".  Everyone is talking about her because she is marrying Prince Harry, but who is she? This vocabulary-rich lesson is going to embrace (and talk about) ethnicity mixture, prejudice, but not about the wedding itself at all. Buckle up!