Teaching Pronunciation Session: 110′

This session will focus on 'Teaching Pronunciation to Young Adults and Adult Students' (15 years old on) including Basic Students. I will be sharing some of the material I used. The next one will be about teaching pronunciation to Young Learners and teens. First of all, this is the Session agenda:  Further reading:  the_importance_of_phonetics_and_phonology theory-and-practice-of-teaching-discourse-intonation … Continue reading Teaching Pronunciation Session: 110′

Grammar Lesson – Present Perfect

In today's lesson, I will work with 'Present Perfect', which is one of the grammar points students most have problems with. It will involve your personal and your students' experiences. I chose to work with B2-C1 levels since I will also work with present perfect continuous and passive with present perfect. If you want to … Continue reading Grammar Lesson – Present Perfect

75′ Session on: How to provide students with feedback?

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions" Ken Blanchard. I have been planning a session as a refresher for the beginning of the year. It will be about Feedback and how or when to provide it.  ** Important note: in order to give feedback you MUST take notes otherwise you will forget what you have to … Continue reading 75′ Session on: How to provide students with feedback?

Uncovering the media: A conversation lesson

Today's lesson will include a very up-to-date, parsnip topic: the women's march that took place in Washington DC last Saturday, January, 21st, 2017 and Trump's comments about the media. I will work with Madonna's speech and her comments from http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-38716714 and an article from The New York Times  http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/trump-and-the-truth-the-lying-media If you want to read more about the … Continue reading Uncovering the media: A conversation lesson

Travelling around the world (vocabulary lesson)

I always tell my students that pronunciation is one of the most important things, that's why I have written the following post on Richmond Share: http://www.richmondshare.com.br/teaching-pronunciation-2/ Level: Advanced Age of group: Adults and Young Adults (15 on) Since this is the second lesson of the year, let's look into travelling around the world? This lesson will rely … Continue reading Travelling around the world (vocabulary lesson)

1st lesson of the year: New Year’s Resolutions

I'm thrilled to be back! All so full of energy and new ideas! What about you?  This lesson is about keeping your 2017 new year's resolutions through reading a Forbes article by Henna Inam (a contributor) and watching a video clip by Meghan Trainor "All about that change". I would like to share my latest … Continue reading 1st lesson of the year: New Year’s Resolutions

Job Interviews held in English (B2 level)

Recently I have finished my Delta Mod III paper and with it an article for Novice teachers: "Motivating Adult Students" that have been posted in two of my favourite blogs: http://blogdisal.com.br/site/motivating-adult-students-beatriz-solino/ http://www.richmondshare.com.br/motivating-adult-students/ --- This lesson is about: having job interviews held in English; preparing your students for it; having fun while doing it. It was a pocket … Continue reading Job Interviews held in English (B2 level)

Building a Life Plan (TED): A hands-on lesson

This is the second TED TALKS lesson I post here. The reason is that I simply loved planning lessons using the book: Dummett, P; Stephenson, H; Lansford, L. (2016). Ted Talks. Keynotes. Intermediate. National Geographic Learning. Cengage. [Slide 1] Photo + The topic of the lesson + Question Setting the Scene Topic: Building a Life … Continue reading Building a Life Plan (TED): A hands-on lesson

Abortion in Brazil (a polemic conversation lesson)

Important note: I must say I still have mixed feelings about this matter whether it is a political or a religious discussion. This lesson is aimed at discussing the facts and informing people who have never thought about it before, and not arguing or giving personal opinions. This lesson is based on an article from … Continue reading Abortion in Brazil (a polemic conversation lesson)