CAE – Word formation lesson (90′ lesson)

As you may have noticed I haven't been having much time to post my lessons here. This is mainly because I have been preparing material for Cambridge trainees. It will take place in June (already!), so this is why I've decided to post this lesson here. The topic is: "The benefit of being multi-lingual" and … Continue reading CAE – Word formation lesson (90′ lesson)

Irreversible word pairs – oral peer correction

Yesterday I was able to teach this lesson to my adult advanced group (C1 CEFR) and the outcome was great. The objective of this lesson is to present Irreversible word pairs, and use them in a meaningful context. The topic of the lesson is linked to their business project that is currently in motion: Recommending … Continue reading Irreversible word pairs – oral peer correction

Working on your CV – 90′ lesson

I have been carrying out 90' sessions about up-to-date and most "wanted" topics. One of them is "working on your CV", the difference of CV and résumé, and of course how to plan a CV. I have added "steps" to the parts of the lesson as well. I have relied on the following websites: reading Working on your CV – 90′ lesson

TEDTALKS – A 60′ business conversation lesson (projects for your city)

Recently I have been developing business projects for Cultura Inglesa Jundiaí advanced students (that's why I have been late with my blog posts). Their project is called: "Recommending Public Projects to your city" - it entails input lessons and a business presentation. This will be included on their plan as one of the vocabulary lessons to … Continue reading TEDTALKS – A 60′ business conversation lesson (projects for your city)

Professional Sports (A conversation Lesson)

The latest post on Richmond share blog was about the most frequent question asked: "Teacher, sou fluente?"  Please have a look and feel free to share your ideas (they will be most welcome). This lesson is adapted from: Dummet, P., Hughes, J. & Stephenson, H. (2016) Life Advanced. National Geographic. Cengage Learning (pages 26-27). And … Continue reading Professional Sports (A conversation Lesson)

The Oscars fiasco (a conversation lesson) 90′

Today's lesson will focus on the Oscars major 'best picture' goof-up. I will be using an article and videos from The Guardian/youtube. This is a 90' minute conversation lesson for upper-advanced students (EF: C1). Targeted age: 17 - on. The topic of the lesson: The Oscars goof-up! [Slide 1] The picture below can be used as … Continue reading The Oscars fiasco (a conversation lesson) 90′

Teaching Pronunciation Session: 110′

This session will focus on 'Teaching Pronunciation to Young Adults and Adult Students' (15 years old on) including Basic Students. I will be sharing some of the material I used. The next one will be about teaching pronunciation to Young Learners and teens. First of all, this is the Session agenda:  Further reading:  the_importance_of_phonetics_and_phonology theory-and-practice-of-teaching-discourse-intonation … Continue reading Teaching Pronunciation Session: 110′