It’s Halloween! Advanced lesson

This lesson was taken and adapted from a  forbes   article  “America’s Best Haunted Halloween Attractions” :

by Larry Olmsted, Contributor

Before showing students the topic of the lesson, I’ve created a flipchart (or a power point page) with the image below (but lighter) with the following question:

What are some Halloween related words you know?

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 5′

Feedback: on vocabulary


Show ss the topic of the lesson: “America’s Best Haunted Halloween Attractions”

As background for the lesson itself I used this image:


Ask students: Have you ever been to any Horror attractions? If so, which ones? How were they like? If not, would you like to?

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 5′

Feedback: on vocabulary

Then show ss the following photo:


There are some people who get “weekend-away packages” to stay the night in old

houses, hospitals and even asylums in order “find” ghosts or only to live the adrenaline.

Would you have the stomach for doing that?

Or would you get cold feet?

(I used “have the stomach” and “cold feet” in different colours).

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 7′

Feedback: on vocabulary

After, show ss a video that talks about some of the attractions: (video can be found on:

And aswer the following questions:

– How many “haunted attractions” are there in the US?

– What are some of the new techniques that are being used?

– What are the sewers the visitors roam through?

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 10′

Feedback: on vocabulary

Now, tell students they are going to read  an article from     forbes  on America’s Best Haunted Halloween Attractions. by Larry Olmsted, Contributor.

Text (.pf file)  americas-horror-forbes

Ss read aiming at the following questions:

  • What is the aim of the article?
  • What are the top trends for Halloween now?
  • How would you answer the last question asked in the article?

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 15′

Feedback: on vocabulary

After this, ss start working with vocabulary:

– to eager

– the cuting edge

– props

– up the ante

– raise the bar

– dispatch

– (feel) uneasy

(You can show them the meanings for them to match, or they get the meanings from context).

The following definitions were takend from The Free Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary.

  • dismiss or reject
  • the leading position in any field
  • lack a sense of security
  • to motivate
  • raise the stakes in a betting game
  • raise the standards of quality
  • small objects used by actors

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 7′

Feedback: on vocabulary

Now, students are going to use the new vocabulary to ask and answer questions:

What did your parents do to eager you to do house chores?

How is Apple upping the ante with the newest Iphone?

Would you feel uneasy going to horror parks, such as the ones we read about?

Go back to the topic of the lesson:

Topic of the lesson: “America’s Best Haunted Halloween Attractions”

Feel free to send me comments and suggestions!

Thanks!! 🙂



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