FCE LESSON (word formation)


All lessons I post here are aimed at teachers who want to teach a different lesson sometimes. However, this one’s goal is also to help my students who are sitting for the FCE in December. I hope you have fun with it. 🙂

Topic of the lesson: FCE WORD FORMATION

  1. Setting the Scene

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 7′

Feedback: on turn-taking and back-channelling

Show ss the following pictures and ask them:

  • To describe and compare the photos (expected vocabulary: Speed, Usain Bolt, tracks, dehydration, treadmill, peak performance, cramp, endorphins, marathon, warm-up, etc)
  • To talk about how easy or difficult this sport is. 
  • To talk about their favourite sport.

2. Introducing the topic + task 1

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 15′

Feedback: vocabulary

Tell ss they are going to work with AFFIXES = PREFIXES + SUFFIXES. For example: 

(Write the root of the word on the board and then elicit from ss the prefixes and suffixes with a different colour – after you can show more modification for the same stem):                        

  •                        UN+          BELIEV    +ABLE     (adjective)
  •                        UN +         BELIEV    + ABLY    (adverb)
  •                        DIS +        BELIEVE                       (verb)
  •                        DIS +        BELIEF                          (noun)

Then, students get paired up and work on the following words: 

  • Compete
  • Consider
  • Limit
  • Minimum
  • Identity
  • Efficiency
  • Possible
  • Character

Teacher monitors closely (to make sure they are not inventing words that do not exist). Do not be afraid of using a dictionary to check.

To check this task you can either: 

  1. use a station scheme – give numbers to ss the odd numbers stay the even numbers move, until they heck all the words with at least 5 different students
  2.  use a more classical approach: write the most important ones on the board (the ones that will be possibly be used on the next step)
  3. choose one student to be the teacher (usually the most introverted person) and this one is going to check all the possibilities.

3. Word formation task – (taken from: (2015).Cambridge English. FCE 1. Cambridge Official Preparation Material – Test 2.CUP.

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 10-15′

Feedback: vocabulary and pronunciation of the target words.

To get the exercise click on:


To check this you can use the suggestions above as well.

To check the answers click on:


4. Follow-up – using the vocabulary that has just been acquired.

Interaction: S-S (pairs)

Timing: 10′

Feedback: vocabulary and pronunciation of the target words.

  • What is the most unbelievable story (or lie) you have ever heard? (from friends, or family = cousins etc)
  • What exercises you have identified as the most difficult ones? (from the FCE exam)
  • Who is the most efficient person in your work/school/house? Why do you say that?
  • Is there a possibility of you travelling abroad this year?
  • What characteristics from our current economic scenario have you been most outraged with?
  • What ideas would you give the president to minimise our current scenario?  


Topic of the lesson: FCE WORD FORMATION


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