Powerful women and their greatest achievements C1 (CEFR) 75′

This lesson is for all of us, in the ELT world, trying to make it through with teaching. For quite a while now, I haven’t been teaching English (only), I have also been teaching culture, rights (and wrongs) and I (hopefully) make my students use their critical thinking in order to create projects to transform this world into a better one. 

Websites used: 

Forbes Magazine – Power Women 2018 


Christy Wright’s – Business Boutique


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED – We should all be feminists


Slides for the lesson:


Slides for the lesson plan:





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- 16 years of teaching experience (Seven Idiomas / Cultura Inglesa Jundiaí) - 5 years as an Academic and Pedagogic coordinator - 1 year as a Pedagogic Bilingual coordinator at a Regular school - Letras Inglês Licenciatura Plena (PUC-SP) (2007) - CELTA - St. Giles SP (2008) - ETYL (English Teaching for Younger Learners) - International House Sydney (2012) - Cambridge DELTA MOD II, III - Cambridge Train the Trainer Cambridge Course - Pós em Pegagogia - PUC RS - MBA em finanças e geração de valores - PUC RS - MBA em Gestão da Escola na Contemporaneidade

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