Mattielo and I have decided to share the first lesson of the ONLINE DELTA prep course, in case you are in doubt whether to take it or not. 

We are using Google Platform to post slides, recommended background readings, extra videos, Quizlet cards, past mocks and more. 

Feedback on the mocks is provided via email and we have set 1 live a month, to talk about what has been covered until that point.

Here is a demo lesson, please share your comments, your doubts and fears, suggestions, etc – I’m looking forward to it. 

Google Slides:

Background Reading suggestions:

– “How to teach Vocabulary” by Scott Thornbury
– “Implementing the Lexical Approach” Michael Lewis



Binomials & Trinomials


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- 16 years of teaching experience (Seven Idiomas / Cultura Inglesa Jundiaí) - 5 years as an Academic and Pedagogic coordinator - 1 year as a Pedagogic Bilingual coordinator at a Regular school - Letras Inglês Licenciatura Plena (PUC-SP) (2007) - CELTA - St. Giles SP (2008) - ETYL (English Teaching for Younger Learners) - International House Sydney (2012) - Cambridge DELTA MOD II, III - Cambridge Train the Trainer Cambridge Course - Pós em Pegagogia - PUC RS - MBA em finanças e geração de valores - PUC RS - MBA em Gestão da Escola na Contemporaneidade

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