Jeopardy Game – Diagnostic Test

In this lesson, I prepared a Diagnostic test (jeopardy game) to test my students' needs in a more fun way. Mainly, it involves testing collocation and vocabulary (word formation) knowledge.  I'm using a game layout created by my dear friend, Ricardo Barros. Some of the activities were taken from: . Background reading: Infenthaler, D. Eseryel, … Continue reading Jeopardy Game – Diagnostic Test

Game Lesson! (60′) Recycling vocabulary.

This is a game lesson for all levels & ages (from B1 CEF)! It's called "password" and the rules are very simple! The game host (to be chosen in class) presents each of the pairs a password (this word will be taken from their material). Students will take turns and give only one-word clue to … Continue reading Game Lesson! (60′) Recycling vocabulary.