The Joker Society – B2 Lesson 90′

This lesson is based on the Joker film's critics and the society we are currently living in. In this lesson, I would like to raise students' awareness of the Burnout Society (philosophy by Byung - Stanford Reads) and enrich them with B2 vocabulary.  Materials: Google Slide: BBC Article Original:  BBC Article adapted to this lesson: JOKER … Continue reading The Joker Society – B2 Lesson 90′

Baby Boomers and Millennials exchange at work (Business Lesson) C1 CEFR

This lesson was based on Mannheim's theory of generations for C1 CEFR Business students. Read further:  I have also used the trailer of the film "The intern", exactly because they have been able to work together and learn from one another as the topic of the lesson suggests.  "The intern" trailer:  TED VIDEO:  … Continue reading Baby Boomers and Millennials exchange at work (Business Lesson) C1 CEFR

The Escape Room Culture – 90′ Conversation Lesson – B2 CEFR

This lesson was developed for a conversation lesson in which the main topic is Culture. Escape Rooms have been gaining a new status around the world, especially in companies, where employees have to work on strategies - be it to improve a team's productivity or as a dynamics to hire a new person. Material used: … Continue reading The Escape Room Culture – 90′ Conversation Lesson – B2 CEFR

Music and Humankind – Conversation Lesson – B2 CEFR

— This is a lighter, conversation lesson (compared to the CLIL one) for the beginning of your term. You could have a music quiz and then talk about a little bit of culture related to music and New Orleans. Google Slide lesson: Thought Economics article:  Video - Exploring New Orleans Jazz:

Europe heatwaves – CLIL/PBL – 90′

This lesson involves science, quantum-mechanics [TEDed] and The News [BBC] Material: Google Slides: Lesson Plan: TEDed Video:   BBC article on the European Heatwaves: Guide to coping with the heat:   

Building your own brand 75′ – B2 (CEFR)

This lesson was planned for my business students who are going to or would like to create their own brands. We talk about style scapes, typography, etc.  Material:  Video: Slides: Lesson Plan:    

Online Business Commerce – 75′ B2 (CEFR)

  Material: Video:  Forbes Article: Google Slides: Lesson Plan:

I’m Malala – Who are you? 75′ C1 (CEFR)

The objectives of this lesson are: To show students who this young girl who won a Nobel Prize is and what she has done. To introduce C1 vocabulary in context from The NY Times article. To trigger students to think who they are. What they are going to do, etc. Material: Video: Article: reading I’m Malala – Who are you? 75′ C1 (CEFR)

Advertising on social media – B2 (CEFR) – 75′

This lesson was planned especially for that student who is creating his/her own start-ups or who want to cut costs when advertising. They can do so using social media.  Material: Video:  Slide: Lesson Plan:   

Learning from your failures -B2 (CEFR) – 75′

This lesson is based on Brené Brown's TED "Listening to shame" and her book "Daring Greatly" and Ted Roosevelt's quote that triggered the whole thing: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The … Continue reading Learning from your failures -B2 (CEFR) – 75′