Preparing your own Business Presentation

It’s important to show or tell students what the topic of the lesson is: “Important points when holding a business presentation”

I started the lesson asking the following questions:

Interaction Pattern (IP): S-S (pairs)

Timing: 5′

+ Feedback Slot on production.

  • How many business presentations (or workshops) have you held in your professional life?
  • What were your impressions on that?
  • Would you share any tips to a younger-self (or a co-worker) about business – presentations?
  • What do you think it is good to say/do or not say/do in a presentation?

Then show the students the following images and ask them:

Interaction Pattern (IP): S-S (pairs)

Timing: 5′

+ Feedback Slot on production.

  • if they agree with the quotation mark
  • if they know this magazine

Students are going to read an article taken and adapted from:


FIRST: show the SS the title of the article:

“9 tips for a more powerful Business Presentations” by Michel Theriault.

And ask Ss: What tips do you think you will find in the article?

Interaction Pattern (IP): S-S (pairs)

Timing: 6′

+ Feedback Slot on production.

Students read the article to find the 9 tips and see if they had the same tips before.

Interaction Pattern (IP): S (individual)

Timing: 10′

And then teachers may ask students if they agree with the tips and if they would like to add more.

Interaction Pattern (IP): Ss (pairs)

Timing: 5′

Working with vocabulary: The following words can be found in bold (on the text) Ss discuss the meaning of the words from context.

Interaction Pattern (IP): Ss (pairs)

Timing: 10′

venture capitalist

lengthy intro






launch(ing) into


come up




After students can match to their meanings (that can be taken from: or

Interaction Pattern (IP): Ss (pairs)

Timing: 2′

After ss answer the questions (to use the new vocabulary):

Interaction Pattern (IP): S-S (pairs)

Timing: 7′

+ Feedback Slot on production.

  • Do you know a lot of venture capitalists in your area?
  • Whether it’s raining or sunny would you say your are prepared to hold you presentation now?
  • How would you shape your presentation to address the meeting goals?
  • What was the most startling news|statement you have heard so far?
  • Have you ever participated in a meeting of which the goal was detailed?

Follow up questions:

Interaction Pattern (IP): S-S (pairs)

Timing: 5′

+ Feedback Slot on production.

  • How do you establish your credibility right up front?
  • What thought-provoking or Rethorical questions could you ask (for your presentation)?
  • “Be prepared for difficult questions”. Do you agree with this statement?

It’s important to go back to the topic of the lesson: “Important points when holding a business presentation” to show them they did what they were told.


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- 16 years of teaching experience (Seven Idiomas / Cultura Inglesa Jundiaí) - 5 years as an Academic and Pedagogic coordinator - 1 year as a Pedagogic Bilingual coordinator at a Regular school - Letras Inglês Licenciatura Plena (PUC-SP) (2007) - CELTA - St. Giles SP (2008) - ETYL (English Teaching for Younger Learners) - International House Sydney (2012) - Cambridge DELTA MOD II, III - Cambridge Train the Trainer Cambridge Course - Pós em Pegagogia - PUC RS - MBA em finanças e geração de valores - PUC RS - MBA em Gestão da Escola na Contemporaneidade

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